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Welcome to my website, hope you find what you’re looking for!

I am passionate, reliable, and committed to helping people achieve their long-term goals and reach their full potential. I believe you too can achieve many goals along the way, but the key is to have goals that inspire you, serve your purpose and give you a focus. I have launched my coaching service as I enjoy supporting people who need to take positive action now and create the future they have desired.

My experience comes from recruiting for large global FTSE 250 organisations, where for several years I successfully advised thousands of people on their CV's, interviewing skills and coached people to have more self-confidence. I have worked with hundreds of clients from a multiple range of industries helping them secure the perfect candidate at all levels. In a nutshell, I know what what type of candidate they want.

My professional experience has shown me how competitive the market can be, building self confidence, having a new CV and being able to communicate well is crucial. Once you have a well written CV, a self development roadmap, the extra confidence will be uplifting and you will question why you didn’t do it sooner.

I believe your life is there to be lived and being happy in a job should be the norm and not the icing on the cake!

Invest in yourself now, you deserve it!

CV & Coaching Services

I offer six different coaching services, all personalised one to one meetings.

I want you to feel like you are working with a human and not a business, each person is different and has different circumstances, its only then I can understand what you are looking for and together we can focus on your end goal.

My one to one personal sessions are designed to:

  • Focus on your future goals
  • Help you with self development
  • Provide CV Services & use of LinkedIn
  • Practice interview techniques
  • Providing overall support on your development journey

Interview Coaching

Interview coaching has been designed to help and guide you on how to prepare for an interview and to be more confident. Let’s face it, interviews can be hard but with the right interview coaching the experience can be less daunting, more enjoyable and painless.

You may be new to interviews, had a career break and looking to get back into work again or simply need a confidence boost to get you over the line.

My belief is if you have confidence then you believe in your abilities, qualities, experience and idea's. Interviews are a two-way process, the best interviews are a conversation, the interviewer will be asking you many questions to see if you are suitable for their organisation but equally an interview gives you the chance to assess whether the company / job is right for you.

There are many ways to get access to interview coaching tips online these days and you’ve probably already been there and done that. Personal sessions are designed to fit your individual specific needs, the coaching is more effective and focused for you. My interview coaching sessions are designed to aid you with:

  • Presenting yourself in an interview
  • Questions that may arise in an interview
  • The STAR scenario - it comes up so much!
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Researching the company - what should you know?
  • Questions to ask at the end or as the interview is progressing - this all depends on how relaxed the interview is
  • Giving you a confidence boost
  • Focusing on what you want to achieve
  • Mock interview - role play
  • The dreaded strengths and weakness question
  • Many more scenarios, the list can be endless….

The main objective is to structure your interview technique and focus on answering questions with confidence. I want you to finish this consultation ready to take on the world! This service will be approximately 1 hour on the virtual video platform Teams.

LinkedIn Profile

The world is going crazy about LinkedIn and there's a reason why. LinkedIn is the world's number 1 professional platform, it allows you to build a network of contacts, showcase your profile and gives you visibility of new opportunities. Over 70% of employers and recruiters use this platform to source talent and share new job updates.

Building a noticeable LinkedIn profile increases your chances of your discovery by various companies looking to hire people based on your skills and experience. My service is designed to help with:

  • Setting up a profile
  • Building connections - who to connect with
  • Building up recommendations
  • How to get recognised - so that future employers can find you
  • Writing a profile summary
  • Standing out from the rest
  • Eye catching headlines
  • Joining professional groups

This service will be approximately 1 hour.

Self-Development Coaching

I have designed this for people who want to enhance their self-development skills and/or boost their confidence levels. Self-confidence is a skill that is needed to be happy with yourself, the happier you are with yourself the more likely you are to move forward with people and new opportunities. This service is tailored specifically to each individual and provides support that allows you to develop the necessary skills to live and thrive on your own.

Everyone needs a confidence boost occasionally whether you are attending an interview, have an important meeting or simply feeling nervous about attending an event.

I have worked with hundreds of professionals over the past 8 years to boost their confidence and give them that uplift they are looking for but didn’t know existed in them. We all have that confidence in us but sometimes we just need that extra advise to get us on the right path. Our consultations are designed to do the following:

  • Increase your self awareness
  • Make you feel comfortable when meeting new people
  • Have a more positive attitude
  • Manage other people’s expectations
  • Focuse on your strengths
  • Think long term goals
  • Eliminate self-criticism
  • Be aware of mind talk
  • Feel good about yourself
  • Overall tailored to each individual

The main objective is to develop and/or boost your self-esteem, trust your capabilities regardless of any imperfections you may have. If you want to go on this journey, believe in yourself as well as achieve success then this is the session for you. This service will be approximately 1 hour.

Rebuilding CV

As part of my CV service, I will carry out a virtual meeting with you to go through your current situation, work experience to date, and what you can achieve from this service. This will be approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour.

After the consultation, I will rebuild your CV as all CVs are custom-made and tailored, majority of the information will come from what we discussed in our meeting. I will be improving the content ensuring all relevant information has been added and will enhance your existing CV. In most cases, a well structured CV is the first chance you get to make a good impression with a future employer so it is imperative the consultation time is used constructively and information is gathered effectively. What's included:

  • Personal Profile - focused goals and expertise
  • Skills and Achievements - highlighting skills and abilities
  • Employment history - previous jobs
  • Education - Qualifications and training
  • Anything else we believe is valuable after our meeting

I believe a CV should be full of your personality, achievements, and ambitions. A CV is there to tell a story, your story which will leave the person reading it wanting to know more!!

CV, Interview or LinkedIn

This package is for someone who wants a new start with a fresh rebuilt CV and interview practice. You may be attending interviews and not securing the jobs, sending your CV over and not hearing back or simply don’t know where to start. Don’t worry I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people who have wobbled at interviews and feel exactly the same as you.

Interviews are generally quite straight forward, 80% of employers already know who they want for the job by looking at their CV. Interviews are designed to find out more about you, to talk about your future aspirations, will you fit into their team, will you take on their key values and generally talk through your CV. Preparing for an interview is absolute key, with the right preparation and enthusiasm the job can be yours.

If you have a well-formed CV together with the right interview preparation (please refer to interview coaching section), you are equipped in securing that job you have long desired.

This package has been created for all people at all levels, it’s never too late to learn more!

CV, Interview and LinkedIn

This total package is a combination of all the expertise you will need to be successful in your job search. It has been designed to ensure you leave no stone unturned, understand how a business or industry work as well as being able to manage a multitude of skills. This full package will give you:

  • A tailored CV
  • Interview coaching
  • Advice on your LinkedIn profile
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability skills
  • Commercial Awareness

The overall goal is to improve your networking skills and improving your business knowledge. I want you to feel confident when sitting in front of a future employer by being able to structure your answers, build a relationship and leave the interview feeling optimistic.

It takes that one step to change your future, start here, start today!


£99.99 for 1 hour
£99.99 for 1 hour
£129.99 for 1 hour

Rebuilding CV

0-4 years experience


4-10 years experience


More than 10 years experience


Rebuilding CV plus Interview Coaching or LinkedIn

0-4 years experience


4-10 years experience


More than 10 years experience


Rebuilding CV,  Interview Coaching and LinkedIn

0-4 years experience


4-10 years experience


More than 10 years experience


Pillars To Success

There are so many pillars to success and countless number of books you can read to understand more about each one. For me it’s about having pillars that I personally value, I believe in effective productivity and clear direction, so I have created my own four pillars:


Passion - Passion is an internal motivator, it’s an energy that comes from within, its passion that pushes us to go that extra mile and achieve our goals. Passion creates a positive outlook, when we are passionate, we have greater confidence, were not going through motions but actively taking steps to create the success we desire. For me personally if I wasn’t passionate about what I do I wouldn’t be able to succeed as far as I want to go, I truly believe to be successful you must be passionate.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity – Having integrity means that you are true to your deepest values, its seriously one of the most important attributes you can cultivate – creates character and defines who you are. I believe stand up for what is right and be a role model to others. Be honest with yourself and others, honesty shows you care, honesty shows you are trustworthy and is one of my biggest core values.


Perseverance – Perseverance can be totaled up to mean you are committed to your goal. It comes from failing at something to getting back up to hit that target, you need that determination at working hard regardless of the obstacles and challenges that may exist. Perseverance comes from your inner ability to work through hardship and continue to focus on your chosen path. In my eyes, you grow as a person, and it strengthens your will power.


Accountability – Hold yourself accountable, value your work and build that trust. Being accountable means you are committed to the cause and dedicated on getting your goal completed. I believe accountability is essential in your personal and business life, it empowers you to be in control and helps build trust.

Its important to find your values. They can give you a focus and greater sense of purpose and engagement, and help you with reinforcing your goals and feeding into everyday decisions and work.


Q. How do I book your service?
Booking in with me is very easy, please email me at info@seemachand.com. Let me know what service / package you are interested in and I will then reply with the next steps. Q. Is rebuilding your CV worth the money?
100%, YES! Investing in yourself and your career is the most important thing you can do in your life. A well formatted and professionally written CV will scream confidence and be appealing to many future employers. Q. How long should a CV be?
I get asked this question a lot and it depends on many factors. I would say get your key experience in the CV but try not to go over 3 pages. Q. How long will a future employer look at my CV?
We are living in a world where employer expectations are changing day by day, interviews are getting harder and competition for reputable businesses is increasing. If you manage to get your foot in the door to attend an interview you will already be halfway there. The average CV is looked at for approximately 10 seconds and if it isn’t appealing to the eye it goes in the bin! This is the harsh reality of it but it’s the truth. Q. How far back should I go back on my CV?
Your recent experience is more relevant, if you are an experienced professional, I would say 10-15 years. You can always add dates at the bottom to account for your previous time if need be. Q. Will I get a job after the CV is completed?
Updating your CV can increase your chances of getting a job you are applying for but having a good interview technique is equally as important. Q. How long will it take you to write my CV?
Following on from the consultation meeting and considering your work history it can take up to 3 - 5 days. Q. What information do you need from me when rebuilding my CV?
In the consultation meeting we will talk through your experience in an interview format where I will be asking you a series of questions in which, I will be able to extract all the relevant information I require to go away and rebuild your CV. Q. Will you help me with interview advice?
In our initial consultation meeting I will give you guidance and feedback. If you want a separate session for interview preparation and coaching , please refer to the section about interview coaching. Q. Do you work with employers to help me get a job?
I no longer work in recruitment. Q. What will you offer that I cant get from YouTube?
Great question! YouTube has millions of channels that you can scroll through BUT these are not tailored for each individual situation. Each consultation is a one to one meeting adjusted to best suit you rather than taking a general approach. Q. Is payment required before the service?
Yes please, the demand is high, and I would need to secure your time in my diary so we can make the most of time. Q. Do you store my personal information?
I do not store your personal information. I will use the information you provide during our initial chat and consultation for the service you require. Once the service has been concluded, I will remove all the information off my system and email server.



I couldn’t recommend Seema enough within weeks I have received the role, I dreamed of for years. Her service is second to none.

– Sumeet Tura

The service, level, and professionalism that I received was fantastic. I was constantly updated on the progress of my CV and I was very pleased with the end result. I won’t hesitate to recommend friends, colleagues, and family to utilise this service.

– Evelyn Davoh

Seema’s services are great and very professional. She was able to help me re-vamp my CV and advise me on the best way to get my CV to stand out to others. She knows exactly what recruiters are looking for and definitely is a great help in getting the individual to where they want to be. Her feedback is honest and because of this you know you can trust her to do a great job and help.

– Gursimrun Channa (ACCA)


I have just had my CV re done after all these years , I can’t say how good it is, after sending it to numerous companies the response has been unbelievable, Can’t thank Seema enough. All I can say is a very professional CV.

– Shaun Davies


It was a pleasure to work with Seema updating my CV. Seema listened and was very insightful with regards to my needs, and gave very good advice. I would 100% recommend anyone in need of this service.

- Deano Holder


Highly recommend Seema on her service for coaching and CV The confidence and support she gave is exceptional 100% recommended her.

- Raj Sangha


I was advised by friends to make an appointment with Seema to work on my CV during one of my lowest points. Seema was very reassuring and gave me the confidence I needed to help find work. We first spoke about my career aspirations and made a 5 year plan. Seema then went through each section of my CV and updated it accordingly. She then sent me off and I started to apply for the jobs I wanted. Within 2 weeks I had secured 4 interviews with top companies. A month later, I started my new post and was very happy! Seema is very motivating and empowering, she gave me the confidence and motivation I needed!

- Anique Patel


Thank you so much for helping me with my CV. I have successfully landed many interviews since. I have also managed to gain myself a pay rise which has been quite life changing for me. I am grateful for your help and would 100% recommend your services to friends and family.

- Sunita Ladva


Complete testimonials can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


Email: info@seemachand.com